Gestüt W.M.


General terms and conditions


The Gestüt WM GmbH is as insemination station according to EU-guidelines accepted. Valid are the terms and conditions of the Verein Hannoverscher Privathengsthalter and the appropriate breeders associations. Breeding season begins on 01.02.2018 and ends on 01.08.2018.

Your semen order can only be accepted until 10am on the previous day! The following details have to be included in the order:


*Name of stud

*Name, complete address and telephone number of the owner of the mare

*Breeding Association (incl. membership number), that the insemination will be reported to.

*Exact delivery address

*Details about the mare (name, Life number, copy of ancestry, date of birth)

*Breeding certificates are to be handed in to the stud’s owner at the beginning breeding season.


Semen order:

Tel: +49 (0) 4262 – 91 88 700

Fax: +49 (0) 4262 – 91 88 701

Mobil: +49 (0) 176 – 89 02 40 53


Please be aware that orders via WhatsApp, SMS or Facebook cannot be processed.


Breeding advice – Eckhardt Wahlers



The complete stud fee is due at the first insemination.

Due to the recent changes in the performance test regulations, we would like to point out to our breeders, that, especially the breeding activity of our young stallions before complete deposition of the assessment and sport examination can only take place on the risk of the breeder.

Gestüt W.M. of course takes all precautions in order to obtain the appropriate performance records of all stallions but cannot grant guaranty for it. The use of a mare in the embryo transfer procedure is mandatory to state for each insemination. Please note that with the embryo transfer procedure, a stud fee for each flushed embryo is payable.

If a previously unregistered mare at the end of the season show a coverage to be reported, a double cover money (200%) for each mare is to be paid. This rule also applies to the embryo transfer procedure.

Costs for shipment of the semen and any costs for health certificates will be borne by the breeder.

Handing over of the breeding certificate as well as passing the breeding certificate on to the breeding association will only take place when the cover fee has been fully paid.

If a stallion is not available in the course of the breeding season for special reasons (tournament participation, illness, etc.), TG-sperm can be used on our ward if possible, or if desired another stallion of the station can be used. There is no right to repayment of the cover money.

Please note that the number of portions per horse can be limited in heavily frequented stallions! We would ask new customers and customers from abroad to contact us in good time (at least 3 working days in advance), as we can only guarantee semen delivery via payment in advance!

There are limited boxes and good pastures available to accommodate mares. The daily rate is 10€ (including VAT) per box.

The placement of the mares takes place on full risk of the owner. The owner of the mare agrees that, if necessary, our contracted veterinarian is consulted at his expense, should the stallion owner consider this to be appropriate.

The costs will be charged separately by the contract veterinarian. Inseminations take place only after successful follicular control, either by the veterinarian or the trained staff of the station. Swab specimens are required except for 3-year-old Maiden mares and foal mares.

For the mares who have not accepted or reabsorbed, half the cover pay of the previous year will be credited, provided that by 01.12. a veterinary certificate is available. If this certificate is not available until then, a credit is unfortunately not possible. Mares, which after 01.07. of the respective year inseminated for the first time and have not become pregnant, receive full coverage in the following year (in the respective price range). Please note that also here a veterinary certificate until 01.12. of the respective year.



Gestüt W.M. GmbH,  Buchholz 5a, 27374 Visselhövede

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